Which type of King Bed suits you best

4 Jan

When it comes to shopping for furniture there are so many options out there that one does not know which would suit them, their apartment, their house or their family best. It takes a little research along with a little measurement to sort out through all of the options and choose something that can last you a lifetime.

California King
The California King Bed, also known as the western king, is a bed with a single huge mattress for your comfort and a healthy good night sleep. This bed is best fitted for people who are taller due to the fact that it is 2.13m in length and 1.83m in width. This bed is 10cm narrower and 10cm longer than the standard king size beds. They come in many shapes and sizes, but if the person who will be sleeping in this bed is a little tall, then you should buy this type of bed because there is nothing like a comfortable mattress after a long day.

Standard King
When you ask the person at the furniture shop for a King Bed they will, most likely, point you to a Standard King. These beds at the most available and most used of the entire King beds. In case this might not be the bed you are looking for, you should know that the Standard King is 2.03m long and 1.93m long. It is perfectly suited for most couples and if the little one comes crying in the room, missing their mommy and daddy, even they will find some room to crawl between the two of you. Basically, each partner sleeping in this bed will have about 1m to himself or herself, enough to sleep safe and sound.

Split King
The Split King bed is a King Bed with options. The bed is specifically designed to fit two, twin mattresses that are about 0.91m in width and 2.03m in length once you put them next to each other. So by adding two mattresses to the Split King you will be getting a Standard King. Nevertheless, why add two mattresses when you can add one single mattress and get the same result? Because, this type of bed is designed to split in half in order create two beds for two individuals. Imagine you have guests coming over who do not wish to sleep in a bed made for couples; you can split the bed up and fit two people in a guest room that only had one bed. In addition, if a couple does come over you can put it back together and offer them a bed they can share.

In conclusion, a king bed dimensions, queen bed set is a bed that comes in many types and many options, you simply have to know what you are looking for and you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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