When Should You Spray for Pests

17 Jun

pestsThere are many homeowners who fully understand how important it is to have pest control services regularly, however, may not be aware of how often these services should be completed. While there is no simply answer to that question, the frequency of your pest treatments will be dependent on several factors, which include:


The Type of Insect or Pest that is Present


You need to determine what your problem is; this can include cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, spiders, termites or mosquitoes. Each different pest will require a different treatment method, due to their life cycle and behavior. For example, termites can quickly destroy your home, which is why the problem must be treated consistently until the problem has been eradicated.




If you live in a warmer climate, more frequent services may be required. This may mean increasing service treatments, especially during the summer months.


The Tolerance to Pests that You Have


If you are “bugged” by the presence of these pests, you may be better off seeking more frequent treatments, even if you can get away with quarterly or bimonthly treatments.




The best method to effectively deal with pests in and around your home is to enlist the services of a professional pest control company, such as Stockton Pest Control. They will be able to provide you with the proper services for your particular bug, insect or pest problem. They have the experience and expertise to get rid of the unwanted visitors and keep them away, which is beneficial for any homeowner.


When the pest control specialist arrives at your home, they will conduct a thorough inspection, in order to determine the exact pest problem that you have. They can also talk with you to determine what your expectations are and provide tips, advice and suggestions of things you can do to reduce the amount of bug problems that you have. Once the inspection is completed, they will establish a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that you can live in a pest free environment.


In most situations, quarterly treatments are sufficient. However, the pest control specialist that you use should be able to adjust the schedule to meet your specific needs. The fact is that if you have a current problem or infestation, you may need frequent treatments until the problem has been completely removed. This should be something that the pest control company is willing to offer.


You should understand that there is much more to pest control treatments than just showing up and servicing the home and property on the pre-established schedule. They must also be committed to helping you keep the pests completely under control, not matter the frequency that they must visit. It is important they help you create a bug free environment.

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