What a Real Estate Agent Can Do For You

23 Sep

What a Real Estate Agent Can Do For YouSo you are in the market for a new home and you need some help getting started. I want to share with you what a real estate agent can do for you. First of all, let’s make sure we understand what exactly a real estate agent is. A real estate agent is an individual who acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate. In the most basic sense, they find people who want to sell their property, and find people who are looking to buy property. Now that we have a basic understanding of the essential role of a real estate agent we can discuss what an agent can do for you. Let’s start with what a real estate agent can do for a buyer.

Often times when someone is interested in buying a home they may start by doing a preliminary search on the internet for homes in their desired area. Once they have narrowed down the area they are looking at, their price range, and what options they want in a home, they can go to a real estate agent. Their job is then to go out in the community and find the buyer what they want. They identify different properties for sale, and figure out a fair market price based on what are called comps in the area. Comps are prices that similar homes in the area have recently sold for so that a buyer can base their offer on something reasonable.

Real estate agents also help the buyer come up with an appropriate offer and then take that offer to the seller and represent the buyer in any and all transactions helping to make the sell happen. Another vital role that real estate agents play for a buyer is that they help the buyer identify possible problems in a home that would affect its resale value. Let’s say for instance that in a few years the roofing is going to need to be replaced, or another big project isn’t too far off in the near future. They can also point out to the buyers small changes they can do to the property to increase its value or make it better fit what they are looking for. Small cosmetic changes might include a face lift in the kitchen to include granite and stainless steel appliances if it is an older home.

Now let’s look at what a real estate agent can do for a seller. A real estate agent can help a family understand how to make their home look its best in order to sell it fast. They can offer advice on small fixes to make it more pleasing, or different ways to stage the home to make it feel more inviting. The agent can also help to come up with an honest and fair asking price for a home. Then the agent goes out and connects with other agents to get your home visual attention. Partners Trust Real Estate is a great option of realtors to work with. They know their stuff and will be an excellent asset for you if you are looking to buy or sell.

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