Upgrade Your Basement

9 Aug

upgraded_basementAre you interested in increasing the pleasure your family and friends experience in your home daily and increase the value of your home as well. If so, then you seriously should consider upgrading your basement. Many of us have unused or misused space in our basements that we have thought about putting to different uses over the years, however as most of us do, we think, but don’t act. If you are ready to think seriously about possibly upgrading your basement then you need to contact Home Theater Systems Huntsville now. These folks have an excellent reputation and will be happy to provide statements from pleased customers. No high pressure sales. Certified installers and managers from Warner Audio and Video of Home Theater Systems Huntsville who will do the actual installation will meet with you. Together you will thoroughly examine your basement to determine first of all, if it is suitable for home theater installation. If not, you will be told immediately, otherwise certified installers and managers will design a home theater system to provide maximum entertainment advantages in your home for your approval. The design will insure a controlled environment for the best acoustic and visual performance. It will include high quality audio/visual equipment. Excellent lighting control will enhance the theater experience. Technical advantages of a theater include large screens up to 64″ and the option to have a projector with the ability to use an entire wall as a screen. There is also surround sound with the highest quality speakers. You will be able to watch movies on your schedule not that of the theater and you won’t have to buy tickets. You will enjoy the comfort of your home theater seats. Watching sporting events enhanced with surround sound will feel like you are in the venue, weather baseball, football, basketball, hockey or soccer and the whole family will be able to participate in video games. By including a personnel computer in the design U-Tube can be viewed, shopping on line, X-Box and PlayStation will be available on the large screen with surround sound. keep in mind that an upgrade of this type is an investment in the value of your home that will increase the marketability if you find it necessaryy to sell in the future.For those of you outside of the immediate Huntsville area qualified technicians and managers will travel up to 80 miles to evaluate your basement and design a home theater system for your home. Call 256-469-3655 to schedule an evaluation and plan design for your home or visit them at 2828 Drake Avenue,Hunstville Al.

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