Teaching Children to Shave

24 Jun

shaving5If you have a young child, chances are at some point later in life you will have to teach them how to shave. For many young men facial hair is inevitable and will have to be groomed. What a perfect time for a father-son bond over something so natural.
Stages in puberty are sometimes touchy and your child may feel embarrassed to ask for help. Other boys may not even notice it happening while others will seek your help. If your child is anything but the latter, you may have to take it upon yourself to take notice and open the door to learning. Gently mention that you noticed and invite him to join you for a shave. Make it an event and go to the barber together the first time. After, stop at the store and pick up shaving items especially for him. Try to purchase items that match your own making it easier for you to show how to use them. If you use a manual razor, buy him manual razors. If you like to use a badger shaving brush, get him one as well.

The when the time comes, coach him through his first at-home shave. Participate and shave too making it more of a group activity and in turn more comfortable. Point out the things that you maybe had to learn the hard way. Teach him how to prepare his skin and apply shaving cream. To us this has become habit and something we don’t even think of anymore but for a child it’s new and he may not know the amount to use. Show the proper way to shave with the grain, how to hold the blade, and how much pressure to use. Next, after care tips you’ve learned can be passed on. Also, do not forget clean up lessons. Making sure your child is informed of how to keep razors clean as a benefit to healthy habits.
Most boys at some point while they are very young watch their fathers shave and may even imitate them. Encourage it since later in life they will be likely shaving too. Girls are no different though they may feel more comfortable with their mother showing them. The same general scenario plays out with daughters. Some may seek out help while others feel shy about their changing bodies. Girls may feel more peer pressure and endure more ridicule for “hairy legs.” As a parent we don’t want our children to endure teasing that can be avoided. So take notice and approach the situation lightly. Make it something comfortable and special Later when more concerning issues arise, you may find that the simple shaving lessons you gave have opened a line of communication as well.

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