Taking Care Of Diseased Trees

12 Jul

diseased_treeOne of the most attractive things a person can have in their yard, or around their business, is trees. Regardless of where a person lives, it is possible to find a tree that will survive in the local climate. Many people prefer evergreen trees as a long-time investment as they stay a lovely green all year round. Their hardiness varies with the variety. There are also shade trees such as Dogwood, Oak, Golden Willow, Magnolia and others.

While a person expects a tree to have a long life, it can be attacked by various insects, such as mites and weevils. Under certain circumstances an expert in the tree business can save a tree by eliminating the infestation.

Trees can also be killed by certain diseases. Often these diseases occur inside the tree and do not affect the bark. This means that the tree looks healthy on the outside while, in reality, it is decaying inside and becoming weak. Common species are Dutch Elm Disease found on American Elms, Oak Wilt on Red or White Oaks and the Emerald Ash Borer.

Since diseased trees on private property can spread the disease to nearby properties, many cities, including San Jose, have ordinances requiring their removal. In addition to becoming diseased, there are other reasons for tree removal. These may include being too close to the structure, a different type of property design is desired or it has grown too close to a power line.

As trees grow, their trunk becomes larger and their roots spread out. If it is near a building, these roots can cause structural damage to the foundation. In addition, what was once a nice looking small tree can be planted in a location that will eventually cut off the desired view of beautiful surroundings.

When it is suspected that a tree is damaged an expert in the field should be contacted. A Tree Removal San Jose professional is commonly contacted at that California location. He or she will make an examination and determine if the tree has defects that may cause it to fall down. They can also examine trees planted too close to a building and determine what kind of damage it is causing.

It is important, when hiring someone, such as a Tree Removal San Jose business, to make sure they are insured for damage, from falling limbs, to the city’s or neighbor’s property. As a rule, Homeowner’s Insurance will not cover this kind of damage. In addition, San Jose has specific laws regarding tree removal. They require permits for the removal of dead trees, unsuitable trees, street trees and live trees. Tree Removal San Jose Companies are fully aware of these requirements.

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