Shaving Techniques for Men

23 Apr

shavingGetting a good shave depends on a number of factors; preparation, quality shaving kit and knowledge of the shaving technique. As a man, you have no choice when it comes to shaving. The reason why most men dread it is because they are afraid of getting irritations thereafter. By the end of this article, you will learn the most basic techniques that will turn your shaving experience into a pleasant ritual. Read on:

Wet your beard thoroughly

A thoroughly wet beard will always assure you of an irritation free shave. The reason behind it is that when hair is wet, it becomes weak making it easy on the razor. You can take advantage of the shower as it will comfortably make your face wet.  In case you want to shave at any other time, simply wash your face then dap it with a moist towel. Use hot water to make the towel moist.

Shaving cream – go for quality

Buy shaving cream that has a got high moisturizing content. It should be thick and not foamy. The aim is to have it make maximum contact with the skin in order to reduce friction. At the same time, shaving cream is supposed to ensure that your facial whiskers remain moist, upright and soft. For the best result, allow the cream to remain on your skin for a minute or two before you pick up a razor.

The secret behind a shaving brush

First, a shaving brush raises facial hair hence facilitating a close shave. Secondly, shaving brush helps lather up your shaving cream allowing it to get to the core of the skin surface. Thirdly, it removes dry skin which is important in order to minimize razor bumps and blemishes. Therefore, ensure that you use a shaving brush when applying cream, gel or shaving soap. When shopping for a brush, pay attention to the bristles. They should be firm and equally soft.

Using a razor – ensure it is sharp

Don’t just buy a razor simply because you liked the ad on television. Go for quality. There are brands that have been trusted for ages due to high quality. Remember; when shaving you will be cutting your beard while at the same time scrapping the skin surface. Dull razors will damage your skin. In order to maintain razor sharpness, keep changing your blades after 3-10 shaves. All the same, any time you feel like the blade is dull, discard it.

After shave – finishing off the shaving ritual

Shaving removes several skin layers from your face. In a way, this leaves your skin exposed. That is why it is recommended that you apply an aftershave lotion after you have completed shaving. The best aftershave for men replaces the moisture you have lost and also pacifies the skin.

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