Setting Up Services In Your New Home

16 Jul

home_servicesBuying and moving into a new home can be an exciting new adventure.  You begin with searching for just the right place, making the offer, and finalizing the purchase.  Now that you own the home it’s time to prepare for the move.  Not only will you be thinking about the details of packing and unpacking, moving into your new home involves setting up services in your new home.  Here are the services you need to transfer to your name or turn on before moving in:

  • Power.  The power company in your area will supply the electricity service to your home.  All homes require power service to run the lights and appliances in your home.  This service is one of the most essential and should be turned on as soon as you begin moving into your home.
  • Natural Gas.  In many areas of the country, homes are equipped with power as well as natural gas services.  Natural gas is an alternative for providing heating and cooking options.  It is also used as the fuel source for furnaces in many homes.  Natural gas is another essential service that is provided to your home.
  • Heating oil.  In some areas of the country and in some homes heating oil is used instead of natural gas.  If you have a heating system that uses heating oil you will need to contact an oil provider and have your oil tank filled.  Depending on your usage and the size of your heating oil tank will determine how often you will need to have the heating oil filled.
  • City Services.  Water services are typically provided by your local city.  Other city services include sewer and often trash pickup Indianapolis.  City services are set expenses and are often the primary service you set up as soon as you purchase your home.  Depending on the services offered by your city you may also have the option to choose from a variety of optional services such as city wide internet, television, and even power services.
  • Phone.  Many homeowners are electing to forgo the common home phone landline in choice of a cell phone or internet phone option.  You may or may not need to establish a new account with the local phone company depending on your choice.
  • Television.  While it is possible to get local television channels over the air, many families choose to add television services.  Television services are offered by cable and satellite companies and provide a variety of programming options.  You can also choose to forego cable or satellite services in choice of internet or rental options.
  • Internet.  In the fast paced environment today, internet is often considered an essential service.  Some cities will offer internet services as an option of their city services.  You will also find that television and phone companies offer internet service options or you can choose to work directly with another internet service provider.

When choosing primary services there is often only one service provider in your home’s new area.  When it comes to choosing television, phone, and internet companies you will have more options.  Once you set up your services you will find moving into your new home much better and you’ll soon be enjoying your new living space with all the comforts of home.

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