Riding a Motorcycle in Style

23 Sep

Riding a Motorcycle in StyleRiding a motorcycle in style goes further than your bike. This means having the proper gear. Personal protective equipment is important to have and understand when desiring to ride a motorcycle.

First of all, let’s discuss the different article of personal protective equipment that you’ll want to wear. A helmet is definitely something you want to invest in. This is because motorcycle riding is a dangerous sport and you want your head to be protected. Consider getting a full-face helmet because these provide the most protection to the rider. Gloves are another item that are important to have. Motorcycle gloves are typically made of leather or Kevlar. Gloves provide protection for the hands, but more importantly give the rider a better grip on the handle bars of the bike.

Next, we have a jacket. They too, like gloves are made from leather or Kevlar most of the time. If you get a nice jacket it’ll provide extra padding on the elbows, spine and shoulders which is great protection for a possible accident. You can also buy inflatable airbag jackets if you want to be super cautious!

Going down the body, next we will speak about pants. Once again, these are typically constructed of the same material as the jacket being leather or Kevlar. Try to look for some with extra support in the hips and knees. Long pants are important for motorcycle riding as I’m sure you can imagine why.

Lastly, don’t forget about the boots! Depending on if you are riding for sport or leisure you should look for boots with either plastic reinforced toe and heel area and steel reinforced toe and heel area.

Now the rider is ready to go in style. Sport bike track gear is a great option for finding gear that’ll work for your needs. They have many different brands, so you are bound to find something that you like and fits your riding personality. It is not only important to have good items of personal protective equipment, but it is important to understand why that is so important. First of all, good personal protective equipment provides the rider with improved visibility. Since you don’t have the added protection of a car around you, you always want to make sure you stand out with good visibility. Perhaps consider more brightly colored items of gear. A second benefit of good personal protective equipment is abrasion resistance.

Typically the manufacturer of motorcycle clothing understands the risks and adds extra protection to the clothing in order to help protect you as the rider in the event of a fall or crash. Along the same lines, personal protective equipment provide a rider with impact protection. Quality clothing such as jackets and pants, provide the rider with added cushion and protection against a fall. This added cushion is strategically placed in more vulnerable areas such as elbows and knees. Lastly, good personal protective equipment allows for weather protection for the rider. Weather can make or break a good ride, so good clothing allows for the needed protection and comfort a rider might seek in all sorts of viable weather conditions.

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