Now is a Great Time to Fix your AC

11 Oct

finding_ac_repairThe cooler weather is upon us and your central air conditioning system made it through one more summer. This is the perfect time to have an air conditioning specialist give your system a thorough inspection. During an inspection the air conditioning professional can check for any leaks, the performance of the compressor and the state of the condensing coils. This provides for the opportunity to get the system in prime running status for the next hot summer.
If the inspection reveals some significant issues perhaps the time is right to replace your old system with one of the highly rated Trane Air Conditioners. Before replacing your system, your HVAC professional will make a thorough inspection of the size of your home to determine the exact size of the unit your home needs. If a unit too small is installed in your home, it will run too often and for long periods of time increasing your utility bill. Too large a unit will also use more energy than is necessary to keep your home cool.
Trane central air conditioners are a great bargain and operate with very efficient two stage cooling. These units offer the HVAC industry’s highest efficiency rating, averaging a SEER rating of 18. These high ratings mean that your new system will qualify for an Energy Star Seal making it eligible for local utility rebates, grants and income tax credits. Not only will these rebates and credits save you money up front but the high efficiency of these units means you will save money on utilities for years to come.
What makes Trane units so efficient and reliable? Most air conditioners function with just one compressor which runs continuously, especially in times of great heat. Trane’s units feature two compressors. One compressor that runs during standard use but in times of extreme heat the second, more heavy-duty, compressor kicks in to ensure maximum cooling to your home.
In addition to the patented two stage compressor system, Trane units also have a variable speed fan motor which make for an extremely quiet and efficient operation.
Trane backs up the reliability and durability of their products with warranties which are the best in the industry. Trane is committed to providing top quality air conditioners and service to keep your home cool and comfortable while leaving money in pocket.
If you want a reliable and long-lasting air conditioning system which will keep your home and family cool, last years without expensive repair bills and save you money on utility bills in the future, you can’t do better than a Trane.

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