Mosquitoes and Ticks, Why Worry?

23 Sep

BAD_MOSQUITOESIf your home or yard have been invaded by mosquitoes or ticks, you’re probably annoyed by not really worried. After all, what could these
tiny bloodsuckers do to you, your family members or your pets other than cause itchy bumps? However, mosquitoes and ticks are more than just petty annoyances, they can be carriers of blood borne pathogens and cause much bigger problems than some bumps that are itchy.

Let’s start with mosquitoes, according to the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, mosquitoes many diseases including West Nile virus and Dengue Fever. Most people have heard of malaria and yellow fever, but assume those diseases are the worries of people in third world countries, but the threat is present in the United States as well. Other diseases that mosquitoes carry are various forms of encephalitis and Rift Valley Fever. Many people think that an infestation of mosquitoes is merely unpleasant but mosquitoes are real health issues for both humans and pets. Mosquitoes tend to swarm in swamps and other damp areas, but any standing body of water, like a birdbath or a water fountain can provide conditions perfect to encourage mosquito breeding. Removing these breeding grounds can go a long way to prevent mosquito infestation. However, if your home or yard is close to other standing bodies of water or you can’t figure out where the mosquitoes are coming from, don’t hesitate to call in the experts.

Another problem some homeowners encounter is ticks and these can be as bad as mosquitoes when it comes to diseases. Lyme disease is the illness most reported in the news, but ticks carry other diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotty Fever and Colorado Tick Fever
depending on what part of the country you live according to the CDC. Ticks will attach to any warm-blooded host, which means humans as well as pets are at risk. Ticks are usually introduced to the home by either humans or animals that have been around other humans or animals that have ticks or been in an area where ticks are prevalent. So if you or your pets have been in the woods or other places known to house ticks, a tick check when you get home is always in order.

If you find yourself with either one of these problems, a company like Mosquito Squad can help you get rid of them. Mosquito Squad are professionals used to dealing with mosquitoes, ticks and other pests that prevent you from enjoying your home and yard. A professional pest removal company can rid your home and yard of mosquitoes and ticks as well as give you information to prevent the return of these tiny bloodsuckers.

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