Looking Great

17 Jul

beautiful_smileOur appearance is a public business card to the world. Within the first 30 seconds a judgment or assumption is made about you. How we look and feel will project nonverbal cues to the public. Positive self image can be the difference between you landing that dream job, going on that second date, or making new friendships. It is important to follow a plan in efforts to look our very best.

Our hair, skin and nails are what other see when we first make contact. Our hair should always be clean, neat and well kept. Invest in going to the hair salon to have your hair professional trimmed and styled. Salon stylist can be very helpful in helping to maintain your hair. Our skin is a reflection of our mood and health. Stress can read on most people face, therefore, avoid stressful situations. Take steps to maintain glowing youthful skin by investing in quality skin care products. Always wear sunscreen and apply a night cream that is rich in vitamin C, alpha hydroxy and retinols. A little makeup can go a long way. Aim for a look that accentuates your best features. An unattractive smile does not look great on anybody. Preventative measure should be taken to prevent dental problems. However, if there is a present dental problem, an investment to cosmetic dentist Saginaw is in order. Simple teeth whitening to lift off stains from food and coffee can take ages off your look.

Do clothes make the person? According to some people, yes. We tend to feel better when we have on stylish clothing. Invest in clothing that is of quality and on trend. Make sure that the clothing is figure conscious and flattering. Switch it up a bit, while staying true to your personality. Opt for colors that play up your hair and complement your skin tone. There is no need to break the bank, go to stores that fit within your budget. Make sure to follow proper laundering in efforts to maintain the life of the clothing. In order to continue to fit in to these clothes, proper diet and nutrition is in order. Engage in a healthy regimen that involves healthy eating and regular exercise. Not only will this help to keep weight down, but will assist in slowing down the aging process.

Looking our very best can assist with helping us navigate through life. People are more receptive in helping those who look socially acceptable. Adequate appearance is also a sign that a person cares about how they look. Our outer appearance is just one half to looking great. Having high self esteem and confidence are optimum components to looking our best.

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