Looking for a Painter

17 Sep

ht_PaintanInteriorRoom_hero_imageWith the many licensed painters in Melbourne FL, it should not take you long to find an ideal contractor. All the same, each contractor has their unique qualities that make their services appeal to clients. You could think that a paint job is as easy as going to a painting expert and giving him the job. It does not work like that. Normally, you need to consult neighbors, friends and even family members. In as much as this may sound like a cliché, it is very important. Why? Because the people you are consulting have had an encounter with a painting contractor one way or another.

Here is a guide on finding a reliable painter Melbourne FL:

Ask the people around you

Other than friends and family, there is another group of people that can help you find a painter. You see, contractors work in liaison with each other. A plumbing contractor can be a helpful source of information. The same thing applies to an electrician or locksmith. If you already have contacts with such professionals, call them and seek their help. You can also get in touch with your real estate agent. The paint store is another place where you can seek assistance.

Shortlist your contractors

After covering a lot of ground talking to people and even making phone calls, you realize that you have a list of not less than 10 prospective painters. It is time to trim your list. An easy way is to strike off names of contractors that you did not like. You might have called their office numbers and did not like the way they responded. Another way is by getting references for each provider. Call them up and ask how they feel about the painting service. Find out whether you can visit their homes and see the paintwork for yourself.

Request for bids

Having nailed the references part, it is time to find out what the shortlisted providers will charge for the work at hand. Request them to provide you with cost estimates. Ideally, an interested contractor will call you to arrange for a viewing session. The painter will be interested in seeing the surface to be painted and even take measurements. That is the kind of painter whose quote you should be eagerly waiting for. Once the bids come, take some time to review them. Pay attention to the services you will get for the indicated price.

Give go ahead

Once you are done with the cost estimates, you should be able to make up your mind on which painter to hire. Do not forget to check out their credentials. Their businesses should be licensed with the appropriate authorities.         Paintwork adds value to your home. Make sure you get a painter who can do it well.

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