How DIRECTV has taken Over the Cable and Satellite TV Industry

3 Nov

usffDIRECTV IL has undoubtedly taken over the world of cable and satellite TV transmission in not only Illinois but also nationally. The company has in all this time remained ahead of competition given its superior and competitive range of channels and unequalled service delivery. Its local availability in virtually every American state backed by millions of subscriptions is enough proof of its influence.

A simple market survey into the subscription, customer satisfaction, and adoption of technology in television broadcasts will reveal some of the reasons why DIRECTV IL is constantly being famed the market leader. Some of the factors placing it ahead of competition include:

Superior technology
In enhancing local availability, DIRECTV has adopted the most superior broadcasting technology in the market. They started with the HD channels and have now shifted to the HD DVR services. They have also introduced the all new DIRECTV Genie that allows subscribers to wirelessly connect up to eight TVs. They also have the DIRECTV EVERYWHERE service that makes it possible for subscribers to watch live TV on their favorite mobile devices; be it iPods or pads.

Competitive packages
To cater for all its different classes of clientele and their different needs, DIRECTV Illinois has presented a variety of subscription packages at their client’s disposal. Clients are free to choose a package either on the basis of affordability or the number of their favorite channels on that given package. These packages include the ENTERTAINMENT PACKGE and the PREMIER PACKAGE.
The entertainment package is the economy class package and remains very affordable to almost every household. This package has over 140 channels to choose from. The premier package on the other hand presents subscribers with a range of over 285 channels to choose from. With these one can never run of channels to watch, they are more than enough to keep any household entertained all year long.

Use of superior broadcasting technology to deliver high quality and clear channels and availing several subscription packages for every class of citizens are the two main reasons behind DIRECTVs overwhelming acceptance. They are also the two reasons behind its market domination and I will be long before other players can catch up especially if they continue to offer such quality.

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