High Tech Alarm Monitoring Services At a Reasonable Price

26 Apr

alarm1Safeguarding your home and business through remote monitoring is an obvious no-brainer. The reliable, well trained, and constantly attentive folks at AlarmRelay.com supply that monitoring at a very attractive price. Every Hour. Every Day. They know everything you need to keep your property protected, offering a selection of packages that provide comprehensive remote monitoring, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Protecting your home is a modern imperative in these volatile times. A professionally installed and maintained monitoring service brings that peace of mind in case of criminal trespass or most types of disasters. No one is immune to such problems, which can occur at any time. The low cost service provided by Alarm Relay includes CSAA 5-Diamond Certified monitoring, utilizing state of the art UL-Listed equipment, that brings help as quickly as possible. All this is provided without being forced into signing a long-term contract.

For property owners that already have a monitoring system installed, AlarmRelay.com offers an alarm service second to none. They will quickly switch your equipment over to upgrade to better alarm monitoring for much less cost. Alarm Relay can connect to most of the security equipment in existence. Give them a call and discuss your options.

If you have a business or other organization that needs protecting, Alarm Relay has the experience and systems to make sure you keep it safe and secure. Don’t delay a decision for proper security after investing heavily in the goods that are your livelihood. It won’t cost you anything near the hassles and possible losses that could occur without appropriate professional security on your premises, ever vigilant, ever ready night and day to respond. In fact, it won’t cost you as much as most people’s cell phone bills. Alarm Relay has a selection of low-cost commercial monitoring and alarm systems. Call on their quick responding and accredited service professionals to find out which system is best for your situation.

Another good thing to think about when considering Alarm Relay for your security monitoring and alarm response provider, is that they are quite tech savvy. They know all about the latest intrusion detector devices. Perhaps equally important is their updated 3G and 4G communications technologies that leave the old 2G ways from the early 1990s in their dust. The higher speed of 3G/4G makes sure alarm signalling reaches their Central Station quick as a wink. Not only fast, these new technologies are also security transmission encrypted, preventing hackers from gaining access and control over your security.

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