Health and Grooming tips for Guys

8 Apr

groomingPeople always judge others by impressions. Think about the first impressions you have of your boss, co-workers, and your friends. If you are dressed in decent clothing, people will think of you as being neat and responsible. Unkempt hair, old clothing, and a rough beard patch that has not been well-shaved will have people thinking otherwise. Proper grooming will go a long way for you in making reputable first impressions. Here are some tips to assist with living a healthy lifestyle and also caring for your skin and hair properly:

Stay healthy

By staying healthy, it shows on your body. Your grooming goals are halfway met. Any person can tell a healthy person by looking at his/her face and the overall appearance. In order to keep your star shining, you have to ensure that you eat a balanced diet. Drink a lot of water too. It keeps your skin looking radiant. If you can, quit smoking and drinking. Otherwise, keep such habits at a moderate level. Try to build your way up to serious exercise routines. Starting with a simple goal, like thirty minutes of brisk walking, can assist in improving your overall health. As you begin to develop more stamina, start adding more to your workout routine.

Look after your skin

As mentioned above, water does a lot of good to the skin. Form a habit of drinking a liter or two of water every day. Invest in skin care products such as moisturizing oil, cream and hair oil. Limit exposure to the sun. At the same time, ensure that you sleep sufficiently. An average of 8 hours sleep is what health experts recommend. These three; water, skin care products and a good amount of sleep will ensure your skin remains healthy.

Shave properly and regularly

Your face acts like a doorway to your personality. Shave your beards on a regular basis. Use a good razor and the best shave oil in order to ensure that you leave the chin looking smooth. Among the items in your shaving kit, cream and after-shave are two important products that should not miss. A neatly shaved face gives a good impression.


Give your wardrobe a facelift by selecting a wide range of shirts, trousers, t-shirts and jeans. Buy clothes that you can afford. Select what is decent and fashionable. If you work in an office, a few suits, matching shirts and ties are all you need. Wear clothes that are fitting you properly. Make sure you iron them. Never recycle clothes.

Quality shoes

Get two or three pairs of quality shoes. Ladies judge a guy by the shoes he wears. Have at least a pair for official and another for casual wear. In the case of leather shoes, polish and shine them before stepping out. As for your sneakers and other casual shoes, you only need to keep them clean.

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