Great Way to Get Your Kids Involved in Service

20 Apr

kids doing serviceGetting children involved in community service from a young age is a great way to instill in them a certain set of values that can only come from helping people. In your community, there are abundant numbers of people who are in need of help, and your children, however young they may be, are the perfect people to render that service. If you want your kids to know what it means to help people and become good contributors to their society, then try some of these tactics to get them involved in community service.

As parents and caretakers, you know what your children are passionate about. Use that passion to fire them up about community service! Is your daughter involved in sports? Perhaps she would do well in an organization that helps physically handicapped students participate in specialized sporting events. Does your son love to read? There are communities of people who are unable to read due to adult onset blindness who would appreciate a reader to tell them stories and involve them in current events by reading the news to them. No matter what your child’s passion may be, there is a way to implement that into their community service hours.

If it seems that your children are not inherently passionate about anything, perhaps all they need is to see how much demand there is for community service around them in order to get them working towards making the lives of people around them a little better. For example, helping veterans is something that needs to be done in every community in this country. There are thousands of veterans who are living in poverty or who need help that they cannot provide for themselves. If you seek out organizations that have dedicated themselves to helping veterans, then you will see just how high the demand for help is. Exposing your children to the amount of need there is in your community will hopefully give them the boost they need to start gaining a passion for helping people who stand in need of help in your neighborhood and where ever they may be in the future.

Children often learn by watching their parents. If you involve yourself in community service opportunities in your neighborhood, then your children will see that it is an important thing to do. Further, turning community service into a family affair will help your children realize that community service can be a fun activity that brings people closer together. Helping people is great, and spending time with family is great, too! Don’t let your children fall into the trap of thinking that community service is a burden. Teach them that it can be a fun thing for them to do!

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