Getting Rid of Harmful Substances in Old Houses

9 Oct

old_houseOlder homes can offer a great deal of charm and distinctive qualities. Often older homes have been built with a great deal of quality materials and are crafted with unique designs both in the interior and exterior of the home. They can be a great place to raise a family and often can provide more square footage than their more modern counterparts. In addition, older homes can be less costly to purchase because of their age. This is often because older homes require upgrades and renovations or repairs that newer homes do not.

While renovations in an older home can provide a wonderful opportunity to beautify a home and create the space into a more personal expression, there are words of caution for doing renovation work in older homes. Because older homes often have used older materials during construction they can have older more hazardous materials in them. Some of the more hazardous materials that can be found in older homes include lead and asbestos. Both of these materials were not known to be such a health concern as they are now understood to be. In fact, many homes constructed before the 1970’s had lead paint and lead piping in the home. It was not until the 1970’s that the use of lead was banned from all construction materials in a home. This change occurred due to a rise in significant health problems that were noted due to lead exposure. It was most troublesome of a health risk for sensitive groups such as: young children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Today, most newer homes use latex paints and copper and PVC plastic piping. But for those people who purchase an older home in the San Jose area may find the presence of lead based paint and plumbing. Almost all homes built prior to 1960 have had at least one layer of lead paint in the rooms of the home. This can be an important issue for people when they begin the process of remodelling a home.

The first step when considering any renovation or remodelling project of an older home is to address the possibility of lead contamination. The best way to ensure that contamination from lead caused by chipping paint or from lead piping does not occur, is for a homeowner to consult with a professional company that specializes in Lead Abatement and remediation. The good news is that through qualified Lead Abatement San Jose, home owners of older homes can be assured that their renovation can be completed safely without cause for alarm about the health risks involved in disturbing lead paint or piping. Through Lead Abatement San Jose home owners can feel confident that all necessary steps will be taken to protect the homeowner and all the residents of the home against the health risks of lead poisoning.

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