Getting Out of a Speeding Ticket

11 Nov

Getting Out of a Speeding TicketGetting out of a speeding ticket is not an easy feat to accomplish. There are many women who boast of showing a little leg or flirting with the officer, but is that the real reason they were able to weasel themselves out of the tickets?

Good Ideas Contrary to popular beliefs, batting your eyelashes is not the best bet when trying to convince a police officer that you are not deserving of a ticket. While flirting may help in very rare instances, honesty is always the best option. During a recent survey, studies showed that more people admitted to speeding and apologized while explaining their reasons than made a pass at the cop. Out of the people surveyed, more claimed to have been “let off” with a warning for the honesty than for flirting. Another study done in Texas discovered that officers tend to be more lenient toward people who do not have passengers. Reasoning for the leniency leans toward not putting passengers in danger. If a driver uses unsafe driving habits with children in the car, the children are going to get hurt if something happens. The concept is interesting and logical, but what about the innocent people who are also occupying the roads?

Bad Ideas The worst thing one can do to get out of a speeding ticket is offer the officer payment. Under no circumstance is bribing a logical option and law offices would have a field day with the case. Not only will the cop present the person with a ticket for the traffic violation, but he/she will also provide the offender with jail time. Bribing law enforcement is for movies, not for real life situations. Trying to outrun a cop is definitely not a smart thing to do. Cops have radios, sirens and large numbers. Engaging an officer in a police chase will ensure that all plans for the next couple of years are put on hold or canceled. Initiating a high speed police chase is another idea that is best left to the screen writers.

When in Doubt There are rare instances which an offender believes that he/she was obeying all laws and still received a citation. There are plenty of law offices to turn to when a person is sure that he/she was given an unjust citation. If the case goes to court and is determined unjust, the ticket will be dismissed. To be completely honest, in order to get out of a ticket the offender will have to be pulled over by an officer who understands that mistakes happen. No matter what the offense or where the offense occurred, if the officer feels like the driver deserves the ticket, the driver will be receiving a ticket. There is no guaranteed way to be able to get out of a traffic ticket except to obey traffic laws.

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