Furniture Trends That Withstand the Tests of Time: How to Find the Best

4 Apr

The use of different types of furniture has been growing at a fast pace over the past couple of years. Many people appreciate the essence of furniture pieces both in their homes and workplaces. Furniture trends on the other hand have been transforming in leaps and bounds. That is why many people normally find it hard to make the right choices when purchasing furniture today. If you are buying furniture sets today, it is advisable to settle for furniture trends that can withstand the tests of time.

Timeless furniture trends are best exemplified in the product range offered by Drexel Heritage Furniture stores. Antique furniture for instance is still being sold and even resold in various parts of the globe. Apparently, there are items that are still going strong even after a hundred years in existence. If the furniture sets of the time were made very well to the point of becoming antiques, where can you find this sort of furniture today?

There is no doubt that there were lots of poorly made furniture a century ago. However, the well made pieces were able to become antiques. This is the same criterion that applies whether you are buying furniture from an outlet or when you are buying it from a rent-to-own shop.

Avoid Particle Board Furniture

There are lots of furniture items which are made of wood chips and sawdust that is mixed with glues and pressed under pressure in order to make boards. This type of wood is in most instances covered using plastic sheet that is printed to resemble natural wood grains. Experts say that this is the worst piece of furniture that you can ever buy if at all you are really interested in longevity.

You need to understand that particle board furniture pieces scratch easily, and the entire section of the veneer can peel off with time. Again, shelves which are made using particle boards will sag with time as a result of humidity that loosens the glue that bonds the wood together. Therefore, if you are looking for furniture sets that can withstand the test of time, you have to avoid printed veneer as much as possible.

Advantages of Hardwood Furniture

Hardwoods like oak are known to be tough and as such they can be used to make furniture pieces that can last for a long period of time. This also explains why these types of wood are commonly used as framing material for sofas and many other elements in the house. The other fact is that when you are using hardwood, you are sure that they are not likely to crack or split as a result of humidity changes.

Pick more traditional designs

One thing that you need to understand is that fad shapes and also textures come and go. This is the same way a 1960s kitchen would look rather misplaced in your house in the modern day. However, traditional cabinets and muted colors of your kitchen would still look great even in the modern day.

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