Floral Design Tips For Hanging Baskets

26 Mar

When the weather is a little warmer, and the threat of snow has left for the season, decorating your front porch or entry way is a lovely way to usher in spring. Vibrant floral hanging baskets are a good choice to add color and vitality when decorating the outside of your home. Not only do they create a lot of curb appeal, but they can even serve as a bit of a privacy screen. Consider the fact that it actually makes no difference if the flowers you use are silk or natural. It is common to use silk flowers because they are need lot less maintenance throughout the season. You will not need to water them, and as long as you enjoy the arrangement, you will not need to replace them.

The first thing you need to do when adding hanging baskets to the outside of your home is choosing the basket you plan to use. Most of the baskets come in other plastic or wire, and with more variety in the choice of liners. They range in size up to 24 inches. There are a number of different shapes and styles to choose from. Ultimately the baskets should complement the style of your home and work with what you already have.

The plants and flowers themselves come in a variety of shapes, colors and styles. Working with silk flowers gives you a lot of flexibility with how you can arrange the plants in the hanging basket. If you do choose silk plants and flowers, put them in a higher basket so that they can drape down the side for visual effect. Greenery is as important as the flowers themselves. It is the greenery that gives the flowers a backdrop that is both natural and visually appealing. Consider mixing in silk ivy or silk spider plants in your outdoor basket arrangement. The greenery will fill in the gaps and empty spots among the flowers but should never dwarf the flowers that they are near.

When you hang your baskets, try to think about how they will look to admirers. Hanging them high is a nice option, but if you hang them too high they will be difficult to see. You can try putting them in a shaded or darker area to help brighten the spot up. Consider placing your hanging basket near a door or window and allowing the ivy to wrap a bit around the woodwork. This is a natural look and one that will help make your hanging basket more of an impact.

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