Fixing Up an Old House

1 Nov

old_home_fixingThere are many advantages to purchasing an older home, other than the obvious rich history behind it. Older homes are usually cheaper to buy, offer better aesthetics inside and out, are bigger, more sturdy, come with a lot of acreage, and are often cheaper to make more luxurious or modern than purchasing a new home. Some budget friendly ways to fix up an older house include fresh paint, new windows, new floors, updated fixtures, updated insulation, new doors and molding, landscaping, and quite possibly moving it to a better location if need be. Fixing up an older home can be both budget friendly and rewarding.

New Paint

Fresh paint on the inside and outside of an older home can really add personality to the home, as well as, cover up any stains and blemishes. To get your paint to really pop, prime the walls with one coat of white before painting.

New Windows

New windows can help modernize the exterior of an older house, not to mention, help weatherproof the house from the drafts that seem to plague older model homes. Replacing the home’s windows with energy efficient windows, such as storm windows, can help save you money and increase the value of your investment. According to experts, when installing new windows, using seal tape instead of caulking, on the outside of your windows, helps prevent drafts.

New Doors and Molding

Replacing worn or outdated doors and molding, with modernized wooden ones can really create a modernized look for the exterior of the home. For a streamline look, select moldings the same color as the doors. Weather stripping the door or installing an energy efficient storm door will help increase your home’s efficiency.

New Floors

Updated floors add style and brightness to an older model home. Laminate flooring has the look and feel of wood floors, but is more durable and easier to install than wood floors. The flooring you choose will serve as a base to build upon when choosing furniture and appliances etc.

New Fixtures and Appliances

Replacing an older home’s, faucets, doorknobs, drawer handles, cabinets, and light fixtures will give the home an updated, more luxurious feel. Replacing these fixtures with energy efficient ones will also help increase the efficiency of the home. If time and finances permit, replace the home’s bath tub, toilet, countertops, and appliances with modernized, energy efficient ones for an even more modernized look. When considering electrical wiring projects, hiring a professional like a residential electrician Canal Winchester, will help ensure that your wiring is done properly to avoid dangerous hazards and code violations.

New Insulation

Depending on the age of your house, the insulation might be outdated. This means, not only is it not properly insulating the house, but it could also be insulated with chemically hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, or even mercury. Replacing the outdated insulation in floors, walls, ceilings, attics, basements, ducts, pipes, and other cracks and air spaces, with modernized spray foam will help seal air and rodents out and make your home warmer, quieter, and save up to 50% on energy costs. If time and finances allow, swap older model heating, cooling, and water units for modern energy efficient ones, to further increase the home’s energy use and save even more.


A neatly manicured lawn will give an older home a cared for look, as will, fixing or upgrading the driveway and other neglected exterior features. Adding gardens, flower boxes, and shrubs or trees will help beautify the exterior of the home.

Move the House

Sometimes fixing up an older home means moving it to a better location. If your older house in a run down, not so attractive area, consider moving it to a new location instead. There are professional house movers in each state, who can help you determine if moving your home is an economically good choice are not.

Tips on Buying an Older Home

The biggest concern with buying an older home is structural problems. So, before deciding to purchase or fix up an older home be sure to check the foundation and roof for unrepairable foundation and structural damage. Lead, mercury, and asbestos are another major concern with older homes, so be sure to have all building materials checked or replaced to ensure your family’s safety. And lastly, modernizing certain appliances in an older home may be a bit difficult to configure to the older homes’s configurations, so be prepared to make substitutions if need be.

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