Fixing A Leaky Roof

1 Jul

Leaky_RoofImagine you’re sitting in your home, watching a movie and the effects are so realistic that when it rains in the film you feel it in real life! You don’t have to wait for the next technological breakthrough for this to happen, it’s here now – and is known as your leaky roof.

Home ownership is tough, especially now-a-days with the multiple insurances, monthly dues, landscaping and more. Adding an expensive roof repair is probably not on the top of your list. Neither is fixing your own roof top nightmare (though some of you handy property owners may think it is exciting to take part in the do-it-yourself repair work). Bare in mind that there are several components to repairing or reroofing the top of your house. There are many different options and each brings with it its own set of difficulties.

Metal roofing, for instance, is a more popular option nowadays. Many years ago, metal roofing was simply that wavy bright nickel look that faded into rust colors over time. Today there are a variety of styles, colors and finishes ranging from classic wave to the asphalt shingles look. If your current roof is in a state of disarray or is metal this option may be appealing. However, there is no shortcut to success.

Your roof will require many different edge pieces that multiply as the roof strays from simple pitches. Then each panel must overlap the prior one and be sealed with a paste-like tape compound. The panels must be screwed to the roof rafters with long screws and to each other with shorter ones. These screws must be made of the same color and come with a sealing washer to keep out the water. A bonus though, these panels don’t require tar.

However, if the whole metal look (colored or not) doesn’t appeal to you, you may wish to try the whole shingle thing again. But be aware that shingle types also have a large variety. They come in wood, terracotta, asphalt, and even slate tile. Your roof and its components will need to match your style (and hopefully your home). Installing a shingle style roof will be time consuming and will require different things depending on the material – asphalt shingles require tar.

Overall it seems that unless you are the truest of handy men, your efforts and time would be better spent hiring someone to, at a minimum, help install your new roof or repair your old. Someone like Clearwater Roofing who spend most of their time doing what you are planning on trying once in your life (most one-shot wonders leave you wondering why you did it). All in all, it is often better to just hire the professional than to try and scrimp on details.

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