Essential Shaving Accessories

7 Jun

shavingFor many decades men around the world searched for the fastest, simplest way to shave and complete their daily grooming duties. But, in recent years men have been taking a little more time caring for their appearance as the idea of caring for male skin has become a common thing to do. Ask any esthetician and they will tell you more and more men are seeking help as they care for their skin.

As men look for better ways to care for their appearance some grooming activities seen as old fashioned are making a return as men realize these ways of shaving and caring for their skin. Using a badger shaving brush is one of the pieces of grooming equipment many men are now beginning to use again as the benefits of these brushes become known again. Since the invention of shaving cream and gels most American men have used them because they are quick and easy; using a badger shaving brush with shaving soap takes no longer than applying shaving cream, but can improve the quality of a shave by a huge amount.

Combining the moisture of a warm, damp shaving brush with the lather created from shaving soap can make a razor glide easily across the skin in a smoother way than a safety razor used with shaving cream from a can. As the badger hair brush is used it penetrates the stubble and lifts bristles from the skin making it easier to remove the hair whilst shaving. Modern forms of shaving cream act in the opposite way to shaving brushes flattening the stubble to the skin and making it hard for the razor to get beneath the individual hairs and get close to the skin.

Badger hair has been used for many centuries by well groomed European men because of the soft nature of the hair and the ability of the brush to lift stubble and remove ingrowing hairs. As with all the older style equipment used for shaving the badger brush fell out of fashion as technological advances were made designed to increase the speed at which we shave. Unfortunately, these improvements in speed were often made at the expense of the quality of the shave received by men using shaving creams and safety razors. As men look to improve their grooming regime in the 21st century many are looking back to the ways of their Grandfathers for inspiration and grooming tips. Along with a badger shaving brush the straight razor, now more commonly seen as a lethal weapon than a shaving implement is also making a comeback. The skills needed to learn how to use this shaving equipment can be quickly and easily learned, with just a few nicks for your trouble.

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