Easy Ways to Get Rid of Household Pests

29 Oct

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Household PestsDo you have a problem with mice, rats, squirrels, spiders, snakes, or ants? There are a number of different pests that plague homeowners and cause a lot of frustration. What can you do about common household pests? Here are some great tips on how to manage pests from your local Utah Pest Control service.


Tip # 1 – Cleanliness

The most important thing you can do is stay on top of household cleaning. Cleanliness is vital to pest control since you will end up having a number of issues if you have food left out all the time. Mice can chew through boxes, and it doesn’t take long for them to create an entire colony in your pantry. It is important to wash the floors at least weekly. This will eliminate scent trails that ants often use to find food. You should also make sure you sweep multiple times a week if food has fallen onto the floor. Keep all the food in sealed containers. This is the best way to prevent a lot of pests from getting into the food. Do not leave fresh fruit out on countertops. While it might look decorative, it is a calling card for flies and other annoying pests. You need to keep fruit sealed in containers, or stored in the fridge. Make sure you are vacuuming the home at least once a week to eliminate food and other things that have fallen into the carpet. Cleanliness is an essential part of preventing problems related to pests.


Tip # 2 – Control

To keep pests away, use the right control methods. Each pest will have different control needs. Some will stay away thanks to the right sprays. Others will need traps set to capture and eliminate them. You need to make sure you are using the right methods to control the pest problems you commonly deal with. Certain pests will require control methods from professionals. This is common when dealing with difficult pests like snakes and raccoons. There are certain pests that are quite dangerous and need to be handled by trained experts.


Tip # 3 – Prevention

Take a look at your home and start making some simple repairs to keep the home looking great, and protecting you against pests. Prevention methods are quite simple. It comes down to sealing up the cracks around windows and doors. Change out the screens in your windows if they are old and worn out. Use steel wool to stuff up any holes found in the foundation or entry points to the home. This works well against the problems you have with mice and rats. Replace sweep guards under the doors as it does help to reduce problems with ants, spiders, and other common household pests.

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