Best Eco Friendly Fencing Materials

10 Jul

fenceFences are very essential in our homes since they serve a variety of benefits ranging from demarcation of land, prevention of unauthorized access, wind breaks and bringing order in our homes. Eco-friendly is a term used to refer to little impact to the environment. This is achieved through the use of recycled materials in making the fences or by using materials that can be recycled. Materials that create little emissions to the environment when manufacturing can also be termed as eco-friedly.

Examples of such materials are; bamboo, wood, aluminum, vinyl, wrought iron and fiberglass composite fences.

Vinyl fences

Vinyl is a resilient plastic based fencing which is made up of non-toxic materials which are fully recyclable. These types of fences have little maintenance since they only require to be washed and no painting is needed on them. They are seldom replaced and are much durable overtime. Furthermore, moisture is never a problem to them.

Bear board

Bear board is a high density polyethylene which uses recycled matter. During processing minerals are added in order to offer additional strength thus increasing its durability as well as decreasing its expansion and contraction rates. It is advantageous since it is waterproof, non-toxic since it has no PVCs hence no emission of harmful chemicals and also reduces the dependency of wood on fencing.

Aluminum fences

It is an excellent material since it is a recyclable metal. Furthermore, aluminum is light in weight thus does not consume a lot of fossil fuel during transportation. Aluminum can also be used to produce several styles and doesn’t need paint to protect it from adverse weather conditions. Lastly, it has low maintenance cost and lasts a lifetime.

Wood fences

Wood doesn’t disappoint because a variety of styles can be made from it. Wood fences can be very durable especially if the tree species used are tropical hardwoods like cedar and redwood. Durability can also be increased by applying a water resistant sealer having wood preservative on the wood to be used for fencing sacramento ca.

Bamboo fences

Bamboo in itself is an advantage because of its waxy nature that helps it behave like a waterproof material thus shielding it from mold and water. Bamboo has a fast growing rate hence they are hard to replenish. A variety of desired patters can be produced from bamboo. It is also good to note that bamboo is light in weight suggesting that less energy would be required in setting up such a fence.

Wrought iron.

These types of fences are very durable and cannot scratch even when hit by an object. The goodness with such fences is that the old ones can be restored by hand scraping or sandblasting. Sometimes rust can appear on them but this should not worry you because it can easily be done away with by the use of a commercial rust remover and steel wool.

Fiberglass composite

This is the final product from the combination of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibers. Fiberglass composite doesn’t rust neither does it fade nor get scratches. Unlike bamboo, fiberglass doesn’t break when hit but only flexes. Furthermore, it doesn’t need paint or stain thus economical.

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