Adding A Room To Your Home

9 Oct

Have you considered what your current residence would look like with additional living space? Most homeowners at one time or another have dreamed of having the luxury of adding additional living space for a variety of personal reasons. The first step to creating your perfect home is to define what role an additional room will provide.

Adding A Room To Your HomeAdding a room requires some forethought. Where will the addition be built on to the existing structure? How much additional living space will I need the room to provide? How do I get the permits for the add-on?

Start by deciding what type of room addition you will be adding. Create a design idea on paper. Be sure to include a desired amount of square footage (or a variance) for the addition. Contact a local designer if your home remodeler does not have one available. Designers have access to computer software that will allow you to create a 3d image to ensure you like the addition before construction begins. Contact your local zoning board if your home remodeler recommends you get the permits in place. Your local zoning board will be able to help you get the needed permits in place before beginning construction.

If you have a narrow or small lot but want additional living space consider building upward. A second floor room or rooms will give you the space you need without utilizing additional outdoor square footage. Bethesda MD Home Additions are home remodeling professionals who will explain many building options like how and when incorporating existing roof lines, siding, may work with the new addition.

The most common room additions are bathrooms, bedrooms, family rooms and dens. These types of home additions not only create living space but can add value to your home. Easy add-ons like an additional bedroom can provide that huge master suite you’ve
always dreamed of, a guest bedroom for an overnight guest, act as a den (with a closet if located on the main floor), act as a home office or room for a possible family expansion down the road. Family rooms are fantastic room additions that provide a great place to entertain or simply to lounge around in.

Customize your room addition. Using quality construction materials such as oak or cherry wood, marble, granite or stone on floors or fireplaces will add value to your home addition and years of enjoyment for your and your family. Don’t overlook using proper lighting in your new addition. Quality built in lighting, hanging lights or lamps are needed to provide ample lighting no matter what type of addition you added to your home.

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