A Child’s First Dental Appointment

18 Jul

child's first dental apptIf, when their child is young, parents schedule the youngster’s first dental appointment at kids dentist in Wichita, they may help protect the child’s future dental health. The best time for that appointment is about six months after the first tooth appears.

During the appointment, a dental practitioner will examine the child’s oral cavity. The dentist checks the tissue, the alignment of jaws, and the youngster’s teeth. This overall inspection discovers any dental problems and alerts the dentist of possible abnormal growth patterns, like jaws not aligned.

If a dentist discovers an abnormal growth pattern, there may be a preventive maintenance plan the dental practitioner can implement. The plan may alleviate some of the future dental problems a child can face.

Also, if necessary, the dental practitioner will clean the youngster’s teeth, to remove stains, plaque, or tartar. The dentist will then decides if a fluoride treatment is necessary.

At kids dentist in Wichita, the dentist, or a staff member, will answer any dental care questions the parents have, along with teaching them how to care for their child’s teeth.

In addition, other than the oral examination, the goal of the first dental visit is to initiate a bond of trust between the dentist, the staff, and the child. They become acquainted, and the youngster will recognize staff members at future appointments. Familiarity reduces the child’s anxiety.

At home, before the day of the appointment, parents can help eliminate trauma if they talk to their child about the upcoming visit. Talk to a youngster about the importance of teeth, and how a tooth doctor helps keep them strong. Explain to the child the basics of what the dentist will do, including how the child needs to open their mouth and let the dentist look inside. How the dentist will put “dentist tools” in their mouth, to make sure their teeth are okay.

Play dentist with the child. Let the youngster be the dentist and the parent be the patient, then switch roles. Have the child pretend to take a stuffed animal and doll to the dentist’s office. Let the child be the dentist and then the parent. Let them soothe an imagined frightened stuffed animal, or doll. If possible, use paper cups and pretend to rinse out a doll’s mouth. Incorporate a toothbrush, flashlight, and floss, to make the experience as real as possible.

At kids dentist in Wichita, try to set the appointment in the morning, when the child is alert. To be on the safe side, parents should have two plans. They need a plan if their child decides not to cooperate, and another one, if their child is scared.

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