5 tips to Make your Yard Immaculate

20 Mar

spring cleaningSpring is in the air.  Everywhere you look around blossoms are popping up, snow is melting, the colors are coming back.  There is nothing like spring time.  It is a time of renewal and is just oh, so refreshing.  Unfortunately with the new season comes a lot of yard work.  Yard work is time consuming and can become overwhelming, but here are 5 tips to help you get and keep your yard looking immaculate.

#1 – Spring Clean Up: Most people don’t consider that you need to do a Spring cleaning outside as well as inside, but it is completely essential, especially if you didn’t stay on top of your fall raking duties.  There are fallen leaves to rake and dispose of, weeds to pull, and you might even have things to fix that maybe didn’t survive the weight of the snow or the lower freezing temperatures throughout the winter. When you are going through your yard check your sprinklers and faucets, if you have any problems check with Roto-Rooter.com and they can fix any problems.

#2 – Fertilize:  Did you know that you need to fertilize in the early spring?  This is something that needs to be done pronto and will need to be done again in late spring.  Fertilization is key to a good lawn and garden.  A well fertilized lawn has fewer weeds, because it is healthier.

#3 – Start Planting Early: Some items that you’ll want to plant in your garden can be started inside.  A few items to start weeks before the last frost are tomatoes, marigolds, and peppers.  These items cannot be planted until the last frost has passed, but they are fun to have ready right away.  You can start them from seed, but it will be much longer before you get to actually see the fruit of your labors in the ground.

#4 – Utilize Flower Pots: If you don’t have much ground to spare (or even if you do and just want to add some dimension to your landscaping) the flower pots are a great solution.  Flower pots come in all shapes and sizes and are great for growing flowers as well as herbs.  Spruce things up with a little container herb garden which is sure the keep those pesky mosquitos away as well.

#5 – Be Consistent: If you do these things and then remain consistent with watering, pruning and weeding your garden you will be amazed at what happens.  You will literally reap the benefits of what you have sown.

Keeping up with the Jones’s immaculate yard may have been intimidating before, but a little bit of elbow grease and a dash of consistency will really go a long way in providing a spring and summer full of natural beauty and charm.

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