3 Tips For An Awesome Shave

27 Mar

sotdsuperbadgerA Silvertip Badger might mean nothing to you right now, as a casual or new shaver. But once you learn about these tips from the pros, you will have become a master at the art of shaving.

Take More Time

Bathroom time might usually be short for you as a man. But when doing this procedure, you really need to take your time and use some patience. Don’t just go rushing through this as if it were a bowl of cereal. Take short yet fluid strokes, rinse out after every one, and pat dry without rubbing. Going faster might get you to the office faster, but it also might ruin your complexion for the entire day. Going around with tiny red bumps can cause embarrassment that is just not worth the extra few minutes of sleep. Set that alarm earlier or do the deed the preceding night for better results. If you have wondered why you end up scraped up so often, this could be it.

And do it at the right time, too. Some people can get away with a quick water splash before going for it, but most others are not as lucky. For a higher level of comfort take a shower first or pat it with a hot, wet cloth. The hot water prepares the skin.

Use The Right Stuff

So here is where you learn about expert things like Silvertip Badger brush. Not all creams and blades are created equal. Some last longer and stay sharp while others rust faster. Some creams dry up on the face and others never achieve that great lather that so well protects the skin. What you need is the right tool. A good brush is made of quality fibers that last and stay strong yet soft. With hair like that of a badger, you can keep the cream in the brush, in a good lather, and all warm for proper application. A brush is used in the first place to lift up the beard hair so that it is at the perfect angle to get under with a razor. This results in a closer shave with less effort, leaving your face flawless. Forgo the bloody pieces of sad toilet paper leftover and go with some good cream. Use a pre-shave oil to prepare the skin beforehand as well.

Keep New Products

Only a handcrafted Silvertip Badger brush might do for you. While it might last forever, your blades will not. You should think about its condition, too. If it is rusted or damaged, you should be able to tell from the jagged shave you get. Keep it clean and consistent with reliable tools and methods to use every day

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