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Taking Care of Your House

29 Mar

Ones house is the biggest investment and purchase that one makes in ones life, and when one purchases ones first home, one does not get an instruction manual with the purchase of the home. It seems that what new homeowners learn is mostly in response to something that has happened. When one purchases a brand […]

3 Tips For An Awesome Shave

27 Mar

A Silvertip Badger might mean nothing to you right now, as a casual or new shaver. But once you learn about these tips from the pros, you will have become a master at the art of shaving. Take More Time Bathroom time might usually be short for you as a man. But when doing this […]

Floral Design Tips For Hanging Baskets

26 Mar

When the weather is a little warmer, and the threat of snow has left for the season, decorating your front porch or entry way is a lovely way to usher in spring. Vibrant floral hanging baskets are a good choice to add color and vitality when decorating the outside of your home. Not only do […]

5 tips to Make your Yard Immaculate

20 Mar

Spring is in the air.  Everywhere you look around blossoms are popping up, snow is melting, the colors are coming back.  There is nothing like spring time.  It is a time of renewal and is just oh, so refreshing.  Unfortunately with the new season comes a lot of yard work.  Yard work is time consuming […]